[email protected] director Chris Charla gives you a quick overview of the program that enables you to self-publish your games on Xbox One and Windows 10 using Xbox Live. What is the program? How does it work? And how can you get started? Find out here. Source link… Read More Microsoft’s Ben Rudolph and Windows expert, Dave Kane, are giving us an exclusive look at some of the hottest new Windows 10 devices at CES. Source link… Read More Golnaz and Kaitlin had the chance to sit down with [email protected]’s Senior Program Manager, Katie Stone Perez (and host of Channel 9’s Level Up show)! Katie has worked in gaming for fifteen years. In this episode she talks about her passion for games at an early age, pursuing studies in child psychology, and how… Read More Join us as we chat with Jamie Cheng, the founder of Klei Entertainment. Jamie got his start as a programmer for Relic, and in 2005 started Klei to develop their own original titles. Klei is best known for titles such as Don’t Starve and Mark of the Ninja. We’ll ask Jamie about their toy… Read More We visited the Cybertron PC floor at PAXWEST where they showed us the spirit of customization in their latest desktop gaming PCs. They showed off the Scarab, Cybertron PC’s liquid-cooled single graphics card desktop. The Horus, a dual-card mid-tower desktop, and the stunning Ra. The Ra features Cybertron PC’s premiere gaming experience offering dual… Read More With the Windows Anniversary Update we converged our Windows and Xbox stores resulting in a host of new features and functionality on our platforms. Join us as we talk with Frank Morrison, the principle program manager for the Xbox Store, about some of the new features available now. [00:41]: Explore the new User Interface… Read More Join us as we talk with Matt Conn the founder of GaymerX about the conference and why he started it. GaymerX 2016 is coming up at the end of September in Santa Clara and in this video we also chat about the newly announced GaymerX East which will be held in NY in November.… Read More In this episode of the Game Dev Show, I introduce you to Win2D – a powerful and easy-to-use Open Source library for immediate mode 2D graphics rendering with GPU acceleration. It is available to C# and C++ developers writing Universal apps and games for Windows 10 (UWP), and also Windows Runtime apps for Windows… Read More Considering using Unity? We’re just back from GDC where we talked with tons of different indie devs doing amazing things with the Unity Engine. Unity is a very versatile engine so this video helps give a glimpse into 5 different studios making very different games in different ways. Find out best practices from these… Read More This is a basic video walkthrough of the beginning steps of the animation process of rigging and skinning a 3D model in Maya, then importing to Unity. Here is a link to the mannequin model used in the video. [00:28] – 1.) Identifying where joints will be placed.[00:52] – Start rigging a skeleton[01:23] –… Read More