In this episode, we’ll continue our project by building a foundation for our item system using Scriptable Objects. We’ll also look at some of the ways that we can modify the Unity Inspector, such as changing the layout of arrays, adding headers, and altering control types. Resources GitHub Repo MonoBehavior Talk at DotNetConf Scriptable… Read More In this episode, we will add the finishing touches to the point and click style movement. We will use NavMesh Obstacles to define areas that our character should not walk through, such as the well. We’ll also show the player where they clicked by animating a simple sprite, instantiating copies of it every time… Read More In this episode we will add point and click style movement to our character using Unity’s Navigation System. More specifically, we will go over baking a navigation mesh, setting up the NavMeshAgent and writing code to make our character move to a position when the user clicks on the ground. This video will also… Read More

We love .NET. We love games. We love writing games with .NET. Do you? If so, you’re going to want to check out the new .GAME show here on Channel 9! .GAME “.GAME is a show dedicated to game development with a primary focus on .NET technology. The episodes will focus on tutorials, tips and… Read More .GAME is a show dedicated to game development with a primary focus on .NET technology. This episode will walk through the different types of episodes, where you can find the project files and how you can request a topic. Resources: 1. .GAME GitHub Repo2. E-mail dotgame at microsoft dot com Source link… Read More In this episode we will take a look at the basics of using Unity while setting up the scene that we will be working with for the next several episodes. We will discuss the basics of the UI, general terms such as “game object” and “component” and give a brief introduction into materials. We’ll… Read More

A while ago we highlighted how Buildbox added UWP to its toolbox, You and now UWP with Buildbox. Today we’re highlighting an awesome series they’ve put together, taking you from Zero to Playable Game, all free… Announcing the Make Your Own Game Series We’re excited to announce the release of our Make Your Own Game… Read More There have been some earth shattering changes in the PC Gaming landscape recently. With DirectX 12 asynchronous compute, recently announced 10 core processors, dramatically increased bus channels and code that works across multiple cores, there now exist unparalleled power to take games to the next level. Watch this video and see what’s coming next.… Read More

This year MonoGame, one of our favorite cross platform development frameworks, has gotten a new lease on life. First it shed its original connect to XNA and has now been embraced by the Xbox One, MonoGame on the Xbox One? It’s coming soon… (Yes, really) and How MonoGame is bringing more indie developers to Xbox… Read More This week on Channel 9, returning guest hosts Scott Klein and Robert Green discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:51] New Dev Center Capabilities [Bernardo Zamora] [01:38] App Dev on Xbox On-Demand [02:35] How MonoGame is bringing more indie developers to Xbox One [Paul Acevedo] [03:35] New C# 7.0 features in Visual Studio… Read More