This week on Channel 9, Vlad and Mark discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:19] Apps built using the Desktop Bridge now available in the Windows Store! [Kevin Gallo] [01:48] Putting (my VB6) Windows Apps in the Windows 10 Store – Project Centennial [Scott Hanselman] [03:08] Announcing September 2016 Updates for .NET Core… Read More In this video, Jennifer Marsman talks with Anna Roth about Microsoft Cognitive services. Learn a little about the underlying technology behind the emotion recognition APIs, hear some ideas about how to use them in your apps, and watch Jennifer and Anna make funny faces to get the API to detect different emotions. Check out… Read More In this episode of ‘Context’, we take a look at facial technologies and how we can make use of face detection and recognition in modern, Universal Windows Apps and also how we can use some of the additional Microsoft Cognitive Services for other functionality and cross-platform work. Here’s a breakdown of the show; [00:00]… Read More

With all the pictures we’ll be taking I thought it would be cool to do a round-up of vision API, facial detection and the like. We’re got a ton of posts from three different authors… 1) FaceTheremin Summary A musical coding project that turns users into musical instruments using new media API’s. Details: At the… Read More