In this episode, Robert is joined by Julie Lerman, who takes us on a deep-dive tour of many of the features that are new in Entity Framework Core. Julie covers: Overview of Entity Framework Core [00:35] Migrating an existing .NET Core project that uses project.json to use the new MSBuild based tooling [04:12] Field… Read More Entity Framework Core doesn’t support lazy loading yet which means you need to explicitly tell Entity Framework what related data to include when querying for an entity. In today’s episode, Monster Dave shows us how to load related data using the .Include and .ThenInclude extension methods. Follow @aspnetmonsters Source link… Read More Rowan Miller is a member of the Entity Framework team. He works on both Entity Framework and the new Entity Framework Core. EF Core documentation: Project: Demo source code: Twitter: @efmagicunicorns Source link… Read More The patterns used for configuring Entity Framework Core are a little different when compared to previous versions of EF. In today’s episode, Dave takes us through the OptionsBuilder pattern and a couple different methods of wiring it up to your DbContext classes. Related Episodes: JSON Data and the Options Pattern State of EF Core… Read More Are you getting ready to start exploring ASP.NET Core? Have you considered which ORM you’re going to work with? In this episode the Monsters kidnap are joined by special guest Julie Lerman to talk about EF Core, the next version of Entity Framework. There are new great things, but there are also pieces you… Read More