We are pleased to announce the release of Softaculous plugin for Blesta. This plugin along with the easy to use Blesta UI makes it easier than ever to setup specialized hosting like WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting, Drupal Hosting, etc. The plugin will install the script on the user’s domain after the cPanel account creation is… Read More

http://smooth.ch9.ms/ch9/1384/b135591e-f9dd-4a67-98ad-cc5e95691384/DeployingDrupalwithWebPIwmv051612.ism/manifest Deploying Drupal 7 on Windows is very easy with Web Platform Installer. In this session you will learn how to start from scratch and deploy a Drupal 7 web site on IIS 7.5, with MySQL as a database backend, in a matter of minutes. The demo is based on Windows Server 2008 R2, but works also on… Read More

http://smooth.ch9.ms/ch9/c848/bfd67853-cd5f-43c6-aa72-6266990cc848/DeployingDrupalWithoutWebPI.ism/manifest Web Platform Installer is the fastest and easiest way to have a running Drupal site on Windows, but there are some scenarios where you might prefer to install your web site manually. This webcast is also a great opportunity to look in detail at the steps that are needed to deploy your web site, adding a set… Read More

http://smooth.ch9.ms/ch9/558f/c099a3f8-8547-485b-8650-e1570f8d558f/BuildingDrupalWebFarmsWithIISPart1.ism/manifest This webcast covers the theoretical introduction to Web Farms and how to build Drupal Web Farms with IIS. Don’t miss the second part of the webcast (also part of this series) where a full demo on creating Drupal Web Farms with 4 virtual machines will be presented. If you are already familiar with Web Farms,… Read More

http://smooth.ch9.ms/ch9/230e/f691d508-9126-4321-8fbe-c28d9a24230e/DrupalBuildingDrupalWebFarmsWithIISPart2.ism/manifest This is the second of two wecasts dedicated to how to create a great Drupal web farm on IIS. Get ready: in less than one hour we’ll create a drupal web farm from scratch, by using four virtual machines: a load balancer running ARR and WFF, two hosts provisioned automatically via Web Deployment Tool running the Drupal web… Read More

http://smooth.ch9.ms/ch9/3216/daceeafc-d1a3-4631-a457-b8df32143216/IISURLRewriteModule.ism/manifest URL Rewrite is a great free IIS 7.x and 8 extension. It’s the technology used to generate clean URLs in Drupal on IIS and the rough equivalent of the mod_cgi module in Apache. In this webcast you’ll see how to install URL Rewrite, how to create rules and rewrite maps and how to troubleshoot… Read More

http://smooth.ch9.ms/ch9/c350/e244deac-ebd8-4923-90e0-896254e0c350/WebDeploymentToolForDrupalSites.ism/manifest In this webcast you will learn about Web Deployment tool for Drupal sites, which simplifies the migration, management and deployment of IIS Web servers, Web applications and Websites. Through out the webcast you will see some very useful scenarios for deploying and migrating Drupal websites and database across IIS installations. In case you might… Read More

http://smooth.ch9.ms/ch9/6e9c/ff38bdbc-aa70-4a09-a1e6-f79dacdb6e9c/PHPFastCGIPerformanceOptimization.ism/manifest PHP is a first class citizen on IIS. A lot has been done in order to make sure that PHP can work well and fast on Windows. We will start by installing PHP with PHP Manager and discussing all the options including what thread safe vs non thread safe and VC6 vs VC9 means.… Read More

http://smooth.ch9.ms/ch9/e8bb/8695f768-220c-4f43-8e8b-13d3676ae8bb/DrupalMemcachedAndSolrOnWindows.ism/manifest When it’s time to design medium and large Drupal web sites, Memcached and Apache Solr are among the first technologies that come to mind. This webcast will show you how to properly configure and deploy Memcached and Solr on Windows, including all the required Drupal integration. The webcast includes also instructions on proper configuration of… Read More

http://smooth.ch9.ms/ch9/c16b/514f8194-bf0e-4980-9f4f-870e30d5c16b/DrupalOnIISWithSQLServer.ism/manifest Drupal 7 provides great support for SQL Server as a backend and there are a lot of reasons why you’ll like this combination. This webcast starts by showing you how to install a Drupal 7 web site with a SQL Server Express backend in a few clicks with WebPi and then discusses how to create… Read More