One of the fastest growing areas in software and IT is the integration machine learning into systems. James McCaffrey from Microsoft Research will present an overview of machine learning, with an emphasis on the R language and Microsoft’s new R Server, at DEV intersection, October 25-29 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. Register… Read More What are the emerging experiences of modern software? There’s more to it than Hololens! Giorgio Sardo talks about the huge diversity of input devices and new ways to think about how software can interact with users. Machine learning is a key part of the emerging experiences and Microsoft is making it simpler to use.… Read More Are you getting the most from Visual Studio? Robert Green and Richard Campbell discuss the huge number of features in Visual Studio that often go overlooked by busy developers. At DEVintersection you can attend sessions that will show you features of Studio that can increase your productivity and software quality. Robert also hints that… Read More SharePoint continues to evolve! Chris McNulty and Richard Campbell talk about the latest version of SharePoint being released – and there are a ton of options! Chris talks about the new development model available that makes open source a first class citizen and implements a much more familiar web development model. There are a… Read More Server 2016 is a huge update to the venerable product – there’s a lot to know! Ned Pyle and Richard Campbell overview a number of key features coming in Server 2016 that will impact IT Pro folks as well as developers. Co-located with DEV intersection, ITEdge intersection provides a chance for IT Pro and… Read More What if could spend a day learning ASP.NET Core from the folks that built it? Scott Hunter and Richard Campbell talk about the huge task of shipping ASP.NET Core and the new workshop at DEV intersection taught by the team. DEV intersection is one the first places you can see the latest generation of… Read More What? Developers and IT Pros intersecting? Find out where and why as Brad Andersen and Scott Hanselman talk about the tight connection between teams and success. The conversation starts out focused on security and corporate governance and how to seamlessly manage your technology in a world of cross platform, open source and mobile devices.… Read More Scott Hanselman and Richard Campbell discuss Microsoft’s gradual embrace of open source, the intersection of technologies and how cool the DEVintersection & anglebrackets conference will be this fall Oct 25 – 29 in Las Vegas. Scott’s opening keynote along with Microsoft Exec VP Scott Guthrie, Corp VP Stephen Guggenheimer, Corp VP Brad Andersen, Technical… Read More For the fourth countdown show of DevIntersection Spring 2016, Richard Campbell chats with the leader of the ASP.NET team at Microsoft, Scott Hunter. Scott digs into the on-going development of ASP.NET, including the move to open source in the form of ASP.NET Core 1. The conversation also goes to .NET Core itself and it’s… Read More