Microsoft’s Ben Rudolph and Windows expert, Dave Kane, are giving us an exclusive look at some of the hottest new Windows 10 devices at CES. Source link… Read More With active stylus pen input, detachable keyboard and touch screen the feature loaded high quality ASUS Transformer coming to market at $399 is a triple threat. In this video you’ll hear from ASUS’s own Geoff Gasior to get an inside and detailed overview of this new product. You will hear about the aluminum chassis,… Read More Meet the Tessel 2. This cool, little IoT device makes things really easy. Getting started is really quick and easy and you get to write your app using JavaScript (or even TypeScript for an extra dose of awesome!). Let me give you a brief introduction to the Tessel 2 and get you started. Then… Read More Microsoft talks about opening Windows Holographic to partners for a new era of mixed reality. Join key Microsoft executives as they reveal new devices, innovations and trends coming to the Windows ecosystem during the Microsoft keynote at COMPUTEX 2016. You will see new devices from OEM partners including 2-in-1s, all-in-ones, new gaming devices and… Read More Did you know that Windows 10 can run on a $35 Raspberry Pi 2 or 3 computer? Makers have taken the world by storm, creating countless gadgets and automated systems, connecting everything around them. This session is for makers – neophytes and veterans alike – who want to explore the capabilities of Windows 10… Read More If you are like me, you have a box of old power supplies. Those old “Wall Warts” and “Power Bricks” from electronics that have long since been sent to that big recycling center in the sky. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could use them to power your projects? Turns out you probably can.… Read More Microsoft.IoT.Devices is a free open source library that makes it easy to add support for many sensors and devices to Windows IoT Core. A portion of this library (the scheduler) was already demonstrated in Episode 13 – Breaking out of the Loop. In this Maker Mini we cover why the library was created, the… Read More In this episode of The Maker Show, join Ian Philpot and Jared Rhodes as they combine the worlds of real-time communication and web robotics to make a sword fighting Lego Bionicle. Ian and Jared first start with a UWP app and the Microsoft Band SDK to grab accelerometer data, then using Signalr they send… Read More Daniel Lang from Toradex (@toradex) joins me as we take a break from all of the software talk to chat about something that is sometimes more exciting – hardware. Toradex makes devices. The Calibri which he shows off here is an ARM-based module that’s fully capable of running Windows 10 IoT Core. This welcomes… Read More