This week on Channel 9, Scott Klein and Robert Green discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:40] Cortana to open up to new devices and developers with Cortana Skills Kit and Cortana Devices SDK [03:09] More Ways to Make Smart Bots [Colleen Estrada], QnA Maker [04:56] Updating Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate [John… Read More The MeetingBot sample shows how to integrate Microsoft Graph capabilities into an app that uses Cortana voice commands. Watch the video to see an overview of the sample and then check out the source code for the sample at For more information on Microsoft Graph and it’s usage, see Source link… Read More Are you looking for sample data science solutions, starter machine learning experiments or tutorials to skill up ? The Gallery is a community hub to share and learn about the various solutions that can be built via Cortana Intelligence platform, Microsoft’s end to end advanced analytics offering on the cloud. Predicting breast cancer, sentiment… Read More Charis Loveland makes the trip to DC to talk about the results of the Decoding Brainwaves Competition and tells us about a new challenge. Sign up for the Competition Previous Videos about Decoding Brainwaves Source link… Read More Hey Cortana! We’re back with another show around more natural interactions and more personal computing using device and cloud technology and this time we’re looking at Cortana. In this show we add Cortana into a home automation scenario where we’re controlling lighting using Windows on PC and Raspberry PI. We look at how we… Read More Get started with machine learning today and help advance neuroscience! Sign up for the Decoding Brain Signals Competition at Please see this keynote video from CVP Joseph Sirosh announcing this competition at the Strata conference. See you on the leaderboard! 😀 Source link… Read More The Hue Light Controller sample demonstrates how to use Cortana and Bluetooth LE to create a more interactive app experience. Check out the code you need to write to take advantage of these features in your Windows 10 app. You can read details about the code and download the full sample, complete with source… Read More This week on Channel 9, Nikola and Vlad are back and discuss the week’s top developer news, including; [00:39] Build 2016 On-Demand [02:02] Build Day One Keynote: [57:55] Xbox Dev Mode, with Ashley Speicher [02:44] Project Centennial: Bringing Existing Desktop Applications to the Universal Windows Platform [05:03] Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2016 [05:53] Visual… Read More Build 2016 has come and gone and our DevRadio regulars decided to get together for a candid no-holds barred session and discuss what they thought of all of the news and announcements made last week. Curious what they think of the new Bot Framework or Bash on Windows? Or maybe that they little announcement… Read More My colleague, Nick Landry, and I are both pretty into home automation using INSTEON. Nick is buying a new house and thinks it’s time to go all out with a good home automation solution and then start writing some code to enable various natural speech scenarios. Really, who doesn’t want to talk to their… Read More