If you are a Visual Studio Extension writer, then with last week’s release of Visual Studio 2017 RC, there’s some important things you need to know. First, a quick peek as what is new with extensions in Visual Studio 2017. Extensibility in Visual Studio 2017 If you are an extension author, you may find Tim… Read More

You HAVE to love a post that starts off with “No, I am not drunk, nor did I smoke some peculiar produce our capital Amsterdam is famous for, and I did not bump my head a bit too hard on my car while getting out of it either…” Joost van Schaik shows us how U… Read More

Friend of the blog, Mike Taulty, shares some great hints, tips and information on the new Windows 10 Kinect driver and code samples… Windows 10, 1607, UWP and Experimenting with the Kinect for Windows V2 Update I was really pleased to see this blog post; Kinect demo code and new driver for UWP now available… Read More

I came across this repo by accident and as soon as I saw it I knew I had today’s post. I don’t know about you, but I learn code by looking at code. Today’s project is 45 and count cool ASP.NET code samples, from Hello World and up… dodyg/practical-aspnetcore 45 samples for aspnetcore fundamentals (updated… Read More

With security, we need all the help we can get. Today we’ve got two Visual Studio extensions that should be in your security toolbox… First, we have the one and only Mads Kristensen with a great extension that will help you find dependent npm/bower packages that have known security issues Package Security Alerts Identifies npm… Read More

I don’t usually get to highlight projects that bring two parts of my live together, being a Microsoft ALM MVP and a cool Windows IoT project. Seeing that this past week was also the Microsoft MVP Global Summit, it seems very appropriate to highlight these two projects… First project is from Anthony Borton, Microsoft ALM… Read More

Hacking Wii Nunchuk’s to connect them to HoloLens virtual objects, how cool is that! HoloControl: Use real buttons on Wii Nunchuk to control virtual objects Click controller and air-tap gesture was not enough for me, so I connected Wii Nunchuk buttons to HoloLens over Bluetooth. HoloControl HoloLens input device based on Wii Nunchuk controller. Adds… Read More

Friend of Coding4Fun, Rob Miles, has updated the must have book for those learning C#, the “Yellow Book.” And the PDF and samples are still free! C# Yellow Book 2016 “Cheese Edition” Now Available The latest release (or is that escape) of the C# Yellow Book is now available for download. No massive changes to… Read More

Josef Pihrt, who we’ve highlighted his Refactoring & Analyzers (Roslyn Tools, Analyzers, Refactorings and source…) and C# Snippets (The Essential C# Snippet Source…), is back, this time with an overwhelming number of snippets, (1,581!), cross language and all open source… JosefPihrt/Snippetica Snippetica A collection of snippets for C#, VB, C++, HTML, XAML and XML. Release… Read More