When you’re a dev and you’ve just got a cool new input device, what is the first thing you do? Nico Vermeir shares the first thing he did, taking his shiny new Surface Dial and connecting it to Visual Studio, making it a debug dial… 🙂 Using the Surface Dial as a debug tool The… Read More

Today we’ve got two hot extensions from Justin Clareburt, two extensions that will help you save time and effort… Hot Keys – Keyboard Shortcuts HotKeys – Keyboard mapping scheme pack Provides the following new keyboard mapping schemes: Visual C# 2015 (New!) IntelliJ (IDEA style) for C# ReSharper (IDEA style) for C# ReSharper (VS style) for… Read More

Our Hardware Friday post is something I’ve not seen mentioned to often, emulating a Raspberry Pi on your PC. Ilias Tsigkogiannis was written up a great how-to to get all the stuff you and and make it work… How to emulate a Raspberry Pi on your PC I am very interested in trying simulators and… Read More

Last month we highlighted code samples for developing for the Surface Dial, Radical Samples for the Surface Dial. Today we’ve got a great post from Connor Weins which shows a number of in’s and out’s, tips and tricks in developing for the Surface Dial… A New Input Paradigm in Windows – The Surface Dial “…… Read More

Mr. Visual Studio Extension Man, Mads Kristensen, is back with a huge Web Extension pack for the recently released Visual Studio 2017. While we highlighted his Web Extension Pack last year, Mads Mad Web Extension Pack, this time, he’s out down himself, packing up 19 (and counting) must have web extensions for Visual Studio 2017.… Read More

Today’s Hardware Friday post is meant to “teach you how to fish find your own cool projects” hackster.io is a great community that is all about learning hardware… “Hackster helps people everywhere learn how to design, create and program Internet-connected hardware. By bringing together our network of close to 200,000 engineers, makers and hackers, 90… Read More

Today’s project is from the awesome Microsoft community on hackster.io and while includes complete instructions and parts list, is for the advanced hardware hacking… Posture Recognition using Kinect, Azure IoT, ML and WebVR The Idea With the recent success of depth cameras such as Kinect, gesture and posture recognition has become easier. Using depth sensors,… Read More

That was a great month. The Connect(); // 2016 event was pretty awesome and the Thanksgiving Holiday in the US gave us some time to reflect and be thankful for friends and family. The Codign4Fun blog chugged on, highlighting cool Surface Dial samples, tons of VS Snippets, cool Small Basic posts and more… Coding4Fun Blog… Read More

Today’s Visual Studio Extension is one you’ll love if you constantly keep multiple instances of Visual Studio running (like I do). It’s simple, yet once you see it, brilliant in hindsight (and it’s open source too). SolutionColor Adds a toolbar that allows to set the color of the title bar on a per sln file… Read More

Small Basic is one of our favorite learning tools. Teaching and learning is one of our favorite things. Embracing everyone and anyone who wants to code is our goal. When I saw this, I knew I had this week’s post… Video: Every Girl Can Code with Microsoft Small Basic Leveraging Microsoft Small Basic to teach… Read More