All I can say is that this was a pretty awesome year! Just LOOK at the stuff we highlighted! Just look at all these great projects from around the world! Wow… It’s you, our readers, project authors and the Microsoft Development community that keeps the Coding4Fun and Kinect blogs going. Thank you, thank you, thank… Read More

For our last Kinect and Coding4Fun post of 2016, I thought this project pretty appropriate… Remember the WorldWide Telescope? The WorldWide Telescope (WWT) is a visualization environment that enables your computer to function as a virtual telescope—bringing together imagery from the world’s best ground- and space-based telescopes for the exploration of the universe. WWT blends… Read More

So Santa brought you or the family an Amazon Alexa? Wondering if you can use your C# skills to write up an awesome Alexa Skill? A few weeks ago, Tim Heuer wondered the same thing. Here’s what he found… Write your Amazon Alexa Skill using C# on AWS Lambda services I had spent a few… Read More

It’s the day after Christmas. You’ve gotten some cool tech gifts, so of course you’re firing up Visual Studio to get to coding for/against/with them. Then you find out you need to restart VS as an Admin. Or you’re trying to debug a VS Extension. Quickly edit the Solution XML? Project? Insert a GUID… And… Read More

One of our favorite magazines, The MagPi, is out with the prefect edition for last Hardware Friday post before Christmas… Issue 52 – Merry Christmas Makes Get creative with our festive projects in the Christmas 2016 issue of the official Raspberry Pi magazine Merry Christmas MakesBuild your own decorations and even make one out of… Read More

Giving the Kinect for Xbox One some love, here’s a new game, just out! Boom Ball 2 Boom Ball 2 is a light-hearted, full-body Kinect game about bouncing balls, breaking bricks and blowing stuff up using your awesome ping-pong skills. Go ballistic with Boom Ball! Features Throw balls, smash huge stacks of cubes! 2-player co-op… Read More

Earlier this month, Steve Smith show off a Windows/File Explorer trick that’s been around since at least Windows 7, that I now show it people to blow their minds… Open Command or Powershell Window From Explorer “Command line tools are becoming increasingly popular, so this tip may save you some time. On Windows, there are… Read More

DRY, Don’t Repeat Yourself. As Dev’s, we hear that all the time about our code. But what about when using our coding environment? Why do the same thing, over and over, click, nav, click, copy, click, click, click…? Don’t think there’s any other option? Well luckily there is! Back in May we highlighted the new… Read More

Have a little hardware elf at home? Here’s something to help keep them busy during the Winter Break… micro:bit Christmas Challenge! Announcing the micro:bit Christmas Challenge! How could the micro:bit help Santa deliver his Christmas presents this year? The Micro:bit Foundation has been contacted by Santa Claus himself. He has heard how amazing the micro:bit… Read More

Today’s project shows just how far you can go with the Kinect and how it can change the world for those with physical challenges… Interpreting visual art with sound for a more inclusive experience A well-known Scottish landscape painter, Keith Salmon creates ethereal, moody abstracts of skylines and mountains inspired by the rugged highlands in… Read More