Late last month we highlighted how Alexa skills can be written with C#, Santa Brought Alexa? Skill it up with C#!. Today we’ve got another example, this time using the ASP.Net Web API. Having a merry, geeky Christmas… creating an Alexa skill with ASP.Net Web API “Thanks to Santa Claus’ generosity and Amazon’s new Alexa… Read More

Carlos Quintero, Mr. Extension and Friend of the Blog, posted a great tip on what Visual Studio Extension creators should do to ensure their extension is truly ready for VS 2017… It’s time to change the VSIX manifest of your extension to v3 for Visual Studio 2017 compatibility “I still see, even as today Jan… Read More

The holidays brought you a new Xbox? If you’re here, then you’re likely a dev and the first (okay, MAYBE second) thought when a new device enters the home is, “How do I build an app for it?” Simon (darkside) Jackson, Friend of the Blog, has JUST the post for you! Building apps & games… Read More

Finally! Tango Chen (aka Jingzhou Chen) is back with a new Kinect project! MIDI Reality – Mixed Reality with Kinect and MIDI Keyboard “Tech & music are my favorites. I’d love to do them together. So I had this idea to try covering a song with a MIDI keyboard, and a Kinect v2 sensor for… Read More

We love .NET. We love games. We love writing games with .NET. Do you? If so, you’re going to want to check out the new .GAME show here on Channel 9! .GAME “.GAME is a show dedicated to game development with a primary focus on .NET technology. The episodes will focus on tutorials, tips and… Read More

Josef Pihrt, whom whos projects we’ve highlighted a few times (Roslyn Tools, Analyzers, Refactorings and source…, The Essential C# Snippet Source…, Snippetica, 1,581 Snippets and Counting…) has updated his awesome Roslynator and Roslynator Refactorings for Visual Studio 2017 (More VS 2017 information here, Visual Studio Downloads, download it directly, Visual Studio 2017 RC) Roslynator 2017… Read More

For the first Hardware Friday post of the year lets start with highlight the must go to source for Windows IoT samples… ms-iot/samples Windows 10 IoT Core Samples “To download Windows 10 IoT Core, visit our Get Started page To download these samples, click the Clone or Download button above How to contribute We greatly… Read More

Today’s post highlights an article written by Jason Odom that takes one of the most interesting Kinect topics, motion tracking, and brings it into the future with the HoloLens… Set Up Project-Infrared & Add Full Body Motion Tracking to the HoloLens Using a Kinect Thanks to Project-Infrared, there’s now a pretty straightforward way to add… Read More

Is 2017 going to be the Year of Bots? I don’t know about that, but here’s a batch of great resources, links, examples and more for building Bots. First, Simon Michael gathered a boat load of Bot links and resources… Microsoft Bot Framework Resources “There are quite a few great tutorials, samples and videos around… Read More

As our first post of the year, and the first “Extension Monday” of the year, this project seemed perfect to share… Mario Hsiao recently released this great pack of Visual Studio Extension/Extensibility Project and Item Templates, ones that if you’re an Extension author you’ll want immediately… Extensibility Templates “Contains numerous item and project templates that… Read More