Today’s Hardware Friday post comes to us via the team at Raspberry PI, and while it might feel like every Friday post is a PI post, I couldn’t pass this one up. Help teachers and educators introduce our young to the joy of IoT? Oh yeah, no way was I passing that up! Welcome to… Read More

Nonki Takahashi is back with another cool example of using Small Basic and the Kinect. Small Basic – Kinect Motion Recorder “I wrote a new program – Motion Recorder (NVH911). This program uses Kinect sensor to record motion capture data into a text box. Push [REC] button to start recording. Push [?] button to stop.… Read More

Still writing traditional desktop applications? MFC, WinForms, WPF? They are doing what you need, so you don’t feel the need to move to UWP, but you are feeling left out of the new Windows 10 API’s? Wish you could have the best of both? Michael Crump’s new article was written for you! Calling Windows 10… Read More

Looks like 2017 is going to be an interesting year, with the release of a new, improved Visual Studio coming soon (RC3 was just released on Friday, Update to Visual Studio 2017 Release Candidate), an updated Windows 10 and I’m sure that’s just the start… Coding4Fun Blog Writing Visual Studio 2015 Extensions? You’ll want these… Read More

One of the things I see allot is how hard it can be to setup a new Raspberry Pi. So when I saw this post from HackADay’s Gerrit Coetzee, I couldn’t pass it up… Bake a Fresh Raspberry Pi: Never Struggle To Configure A Pi Again “[David Ferguson] has put together a nice little tool… Read More

Two years ago we highlighted a project from Tom Temme, Is that a mouse on your face? Or your face acting as a mouse? Both? FaceMouse He recently shared the news that he’s open sourced his project! ExpressionMouse Kinect is Open Source now Currently I have not much time to maintain the software. So I… Read More

Last month, one of our favorite 3D JavaScript libraries was updated, v2.5 of Babylon.js rolled out to the world… Here’s the announcement post from David Catuhe. Babylon.js v2.5 and what’s next? “Last week we released Babylon.js v2.5. I do not want to catalog here all features we stuffed this version with but instead I would… Read More

I don’t know about you, but one of the very first things I install for Visual Studio is the Productivity Power Tools. Not having a version that was compatible with VS 2017 was real bummer. Well, as of Friday, it’s bummer no more! Not only is the do we have the tools, they have been… Read More

Luis Valencia, Microsoft MVP, has written up a great IoT project that seems to be perfect right now (Man, it’s cold! 😉 First we have a short interview of him at the recent MVP Summit; Luis Valencia – IoT, sensors, and Azure Now onto the full project… Real Time Temperature WebApp with Raspberry, Azure IoT… Read More

This has to be one of the coolest “real-world” Kinect implementations… The first ‘Supermarket of the Future’ is now open for business, and it’s crazy “If you thought Amazon Go — the funky corner store concept where there are no checkouts and the store automatically bills you for whatever you walk out with — would… Read More