Many AWS customers use Amazon Glacier for long-term storage of their mission-critical data. They benefit from Glacier’s durability and low cost, along with the ease with which they can integrate it in to their existing backup and archiving regimen. To use Glacier, you create vaults and populate them with archives (either directly or by using… Read More

It’s always been easy to create DocumentDB collections in the Azure preview portal.  With the release of ORDER BY support for Azure DocumentDB, we’ve updated our portal experience to make it just as easy to specify the indexing policy for your collections.  When creating a collection, you can now choose to apply one of three indexing policies:… Read More

As part of our continued effort to allow our partners to share their expertise in particular market segments and topical areas, I’m happy to be able to tell you about our new APN Security Competency. Like all of our competencies, this one gives you access to partners with genuine, hard-earned expertise in an area that… Read More

Today, we’re pleased to announce a key improvement in SQL querying – DocumentDB now supports Order By, and string range queries! With this change, you will be able to sort query results using any string, numeric, or Boolean property in your JSON documents. DocumentDB’s Order By can be used to serve low latency queries against massive collections… Read More

If you weren’t able to attend //Build or Ignite last month, hopefully you’ve had the chance to watch some of the recorded sessions on the great new features coming to Microsoft’s suites of products.  Personally, the two I’m most excited about are Visual Studio Online (VSO) and Azure Automation.  These two services will be of… Read More

Let’s take a quick look at what happened in AWS-land last week: Monday, June 29 We launched AWS Budgets and Forecasts. We announced that AWS Lambda is Now Available in the Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region. A post on the Domain Tech Blog talked about Moving an Enterprise Windows Workload into Amazon Cloud. Alex Santos wrote… Read More

A year ago, at DockerCon 2014, we announced a Docker VM Extension for Docker, which makes deployment of Docker engine and containers to Linux VMs practical. Today, we are releasing a brand new version of Docker VM Extension with some very cool new features like Docker Compose support, Docker Hub/Registry authentication support. With this new version we are… Read More

Hi, Azure friends! Today we’re proud to announce a new set of improvements to the Azure Preview portal. Like last time, all these enhancements are in response to the great feedback we’ve received from you. We’re very grateful for your feedback and look forward to more of it! Here’s a quick summary of the main… Read More