We are excited to announce availability of Linux RDMA on Microsoft Azure. With this release, we mark a new milestone in our cloud journey and in our vision to make HPC and Big Compute more accessible and cost-effective for a broader set of users. Linux RDMA makes high speed low latency networking accessible to the… Read More

We announced AWS CodeCommit last November (see New AWS Tools for Code Management and Deployment) at AWS re:Invent. I am happy to announce that it is now generally available and that you can start using it today. Let’s do a quick refresh on the CodeCommit feature set before taking the service for a spin. CodeCommit… Read More

I am excited to announce the general availability of Azure Batch, our job scheduling and compute pool management service. Azure Batch helps developers easily scale their compute-intensive workloads to tens, hundreds, or thousands of virtual machines without having to manage the infrastructure. In a world of rapidly evolving products and fierce competition, our goal is… Read More

We announced the AWS Service Catalog last fall at AWS re:Invent. As I wrote at the time (Coming Soon – AWS Service Catalog), we wanted to give large organizations the ability to support line-of-business applications and to deliver all sorts of services to their internal constituency, while giving them the templates, knobs, levers, and fences… Read More

At Microsoft, we are committed to helping you achieve more in the cloud-first world. Across our proven enterprise capabilities, hyper-scale cloud infrastructure, and comprehensive hybrid solutions, we are bringing the benefits of cloud speed, scale and economics to everyone– no matter what platform you are on, or what cloud environment you choose. Unlike other vendors… Read More

We announced AWS CodePipeline at AWS re:Invent last fall (see my post, New AWS Tools for Code Management and Deployment for the details). As I said at that time, this tool will help you to model and automate your software release process. The automation provided by CodePipeline is designed to make your release process more… Read More

Back in the heyday of shrink-wrap software, the time between major releases was often measured in quarters or years. This created a long, slow feedback loop that often left customers waiting far too long for new features and bug fixes. Today, Software as as Service (SaaS), often powered by an agile development methodology and supported… Read More

Last month, Microsoft Azure Media Services teamed up with the Microsoft Production Studios to webcast the Microsoft Build and Microsoft Ignite keynotes. Combined, the events served live, HD quality streams to hundreds of thousands of unique viewers leveraging the power of the cloud. Using Azure Media Player, the webcast performed very well and was accessible… Read More

The Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) makes it easy for you to send email with minimum setup and maximum scalability. SES focuses on deliverability (see my blog post, Introducing the Amazon Simple Email Service to learn more about this) so that the messages you send have a high probability of arriving in the intended inboxes… Read More