This release opens a new extensibility model of the SDK which allows you to write custom Triggers and Binders such as Trigger functions on File events, schedule and more. It leads to simplicity in developing and managing WebJobs, since you can now have a single WebJob with functions which can be triggered on Azure Queues, Blobs,… Read More

Our goal with the Azure Marketplace is to continuously enhance our customers’ experience and provide you with the tools you need to achieve your business goals. Today we are happy to announce enhancements for compute offerings, a new Developer Services category, and the integration of Docker Hub and Container Apps. Compute Offerings Deploy production level… Read More

The Azure DocumentDB Data Migration Tool is an open source solution that imports data to DocumentDB, Azure’s NoSQL document database service.  The latest release of the tool opens up not only additional import sources, but also the ability to apply an indexing policy to DocumentDB collections during import.  Specifically, we’ve added support for: Azure Blob storage Amazon… Read More

Hi again! As you may have already heard, we have launched a few new features at Worldwide Partner Conference (WPC) 2015 to help improve the VM deployment experience using the Resource Manager stack! Let’s start by going to the Marketplace in the Azure Preview Portal. Just look for + (New), Compute, and Marketplace. As you… Read More

Azure App Service Environments gives customers an environment with greater isolation and scaling characteristics for their applications. To improve security for your App Service Environment we have released documentation on how to configure a Barracuda Web Application Firewall (WAF) for this environment to help protect your applications  against SQL injection, Cross-site scripting and other attacks.… Read More

Today at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference, we are announcing a new partner program for Hadoop independent software vendors (ISVs) to expand their offerings on the Microsoft Azure cloud. This will allow customers of Azure HDInsight to benefit from the ecosystem of big data ISVs who have created technologies that help make Hadoop more secure,… Read More

AWS customers are deploying Amazon WorkSpaces at scale in medium and large organizations. For example, health care company Johnson & Johnson is using WorkSpaces to realize the long-promised security and efficacy benefits of virtual desktops, in a world populated by a diverse workforce that would like to use their own computing devices if possible (also… Read More

Recently I shared details on how to enable diagnostics and monitoring for Azure Linux Virtual Machines through the Azure monitoring extension – see June blog on Azure Linux VM Infrastructure Monitoring and Diagnostics. In this post, we are announcing that OMS has added the capabilities to be able to manage your Azure Linux VMs logs which… Read More

Azure is a first class platform for Linux and open source technology, with a growing list of OSS solutions in the marketplace, Linux extensions, and Azure services like HDInsight running on Linux. But what about customer support on Azure? Azure customer support for Linux and other open source technologies has traditionally been focused on determining… Read More