In this episode of Azure Friday, Donovan Brown is joined by Sam Chandrashekar as they take a look at native support for geospatial functions in Azure Stream Analytics (now Generally Available). Take advantage of built-in geospatial functions in your stream-processing logic to define geographical areas, and evaluate incoming geospatial data for containment, proximity, and… Read More Microsoft Flow enables anyone to create automated workflows between their favorite apps and services to work less and do more. See a quick introduction of what Microsoft Flow is and how to use it. Links: Sign up for Microsoft Flow here: Guided Learning to get started with Microsoft Flow: Source link… Read More Brendan Burns (Partner Architect, at Microsoft & Kubernetes co-founder) returns to Azure Friday to chat with Scott Hanselman about using and maintaining a Kubernetes cluster in Azure Container Service (currently in Preview) using the Kubernetes command line tool (kubectl). Source link… Read More Josh Caplan shows how to get started with the preview of Azure Analysis Services, which is built on the proven analytics engine in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. With Azure Analysis Services you can host semantic data models in the cloud. Users in your organization can then connect to your data models using tools… Read More In this episode, Robert is joined by Andrew Hall, who shows us a preview of tools for building Azure Functions for Visual Studio 2015. Azure Functions provide event-based serverless computing that make it easy to develop and scale your application, paying only for the resources your code consumes during execution. Andrew shows how to… Read More In this episode of The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson we take a look back at the past year in enterprise mobility [00:47]. Brad and Simon discuss the new Intune console in the Azure Portal [06:00], the Microsoft Graph [07:13] and dive into the new console [10:00] which gives a single view across all… Read More In this episode Haishi Bai and Ryan Volum are joined by Josh Caplan, Senior Program Manager on the Azure Analysis Services team. Analysis Services has typically shipped with SQL Server on premises, but now it has been implemented as a fully managed service in Azure. It allows you to manage data modeling and create… Read More

Luis Valencia, Microsoft MVP, has written up a great IoT project that seems to be perfect right now (Man, it’s cold! 😉 First we have a short interview of him at the recent MVP Summit; Luis Valencia – IoT, sensors, and Azure Now onto the full project… Real Time Temperature WebApp with Raspberry, Azure IoT… Read More Christian Wade returns to Azure Friday to speak with Scott Hanselman about the rich programmability APIs and automation opportunities in Azure Analysis Services that are built on the proven analytics engine in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. This enables integration with DevOps processes and enhanced application lifecycle management. Automate incremental deployments, manage code branches… Read More Agitare Technologies, Inc. is a Redmond, WA based startup that is working on a product that will simplify the way personal and business expenses are tracked. They have developed an receipt processing pipeline that uses Microsoft cloud technologies and allows you to snap a picture of a receipt, convert it from image to text… Read More