If you’ve experimented with Microsoft Azure, or are already using it for some of your IT functionality, you may be ready to take that next step and integrate your infrastructure with Azure so you can use it as an extension to your on-premises infrastructure. Finding all the information that helps you do this can be… Read More

Azure App Service Environments gives customers an environment with greater isolation and scaling characteristics for their applications. To improve security for your App Service Environment we have released documentation on how to configure a Barracuda Web Application Firewall (WAF) for this environment to help protect your applications  against SQL injection, Cross-site scripting and other attacks.… Read More

Previous updates to Support Site Extension included features like Live HTTP traffic monitoring,  Event Viewer, Role Metrics for a Web App per Instance, Notifications, ClearDB health checks etc. We’re excited to add to the list with this recent update! Access to Support Site Extension With this most recent update, you now have the ability to access Support Site… Read More