A flexible new distributed query capability is now available in preview in Azure SQL Database. Elastic database query allows tools and applications to retrieve data from an entire collection of databases through a single connection. You can find a step-by-step tutorial here for getting started, along with detailed documentation. Imagine you are a software provider… Read More

Query Store is a new feature in SQL Server 2016, and now available in preview on the latest version of Azure SQL Database V12. It’s designed to help you with query performance troubleshooting. As your database grows in size it is not unusual to experience performance regressions. Without the ability to see all the changes… Read More

We’re pleased to announce some enhancements to the DocumentDB SQL grammar, including new keywords, operators and functions. The latest service update includes support for the IN and BETWEEN keywords, the ternary (?), coalescing (??), and bitwise shift operators, and a number of built-in functions. Newly added keywords and operators: New Keywords IN and BETWEEN New… Read More

With the growing popularity of storing and managing data using Azure SQL Database, demand for full-text search capabilities in a wide variety of applications is rapidly increasing. This article announces Full-Text Search is now publicly available for preview in Azure SQL Database V12, it gives a high level overview of the feature set available and… Read More