Are you getting ready to start exploring ASP.NET Core? Have you considered which ORM you’re going to work with? In this episode the Monsters kidnap are joined by special guest Julie Lerman to talk about EF Core, the next version of Entity Framework. There are new great things, but there are also pieces you… Read More This week Martin and Martin look into Tag Helpers a new feature in Razor views inside of Core. They build a basic tag helper and consume it from within an ASP.Net Core project. Source link… Read More Join the one-and-only Scott Hanselman has he discusses his plans for the upcoming DevIntersection and Anglebrackets conference at the Walt Disney World Swan Hotel in Orlando Florida April 16-22. Scott is one of the key drivers behind bringing ASP.NET and other Microsoft products to the open source world, something much harder to believe just… Read More Martin and Martin look into ASP.NET Core and delve into startup.cs, how it works and how to compose your application pipeline. Source link… Read More In this Edge of the Web session, Shahed Chowdhuri shows us how to do automated unit testing in ASP.NET Core 1.0 (formerly known as ASP.NET 5) and setting up Visual Studio so that you can quickly test your apps in the real world. [2:21] Why do you need automated testing? What’s the benefit here… Read More Scott and Stefan dig into what’s required of an Azure Web Site to run more than just ASP.NET. Why does a PHP app need a web.config? Can we run one site with more than one technology within it…and is that OK? Source link… Read More