Last month, one of our favorite 3D JavaScript libraries was updated, v2.5 of Babylon.js rolled out to the world… Here’s the announcement post from David Catuhe. Babylon.js v2.5 and what’s next? “Last week we released Babylon.js v2.5. I do not want to catalog here all features we stuffed this version with but instead I would… Read More

David Catuhe is back with the news about the latest version of Babylon.js. Make sure you read to the end to see a great example of it being used in the real world, in a highly visible way… What’s new in Babylon.js 2.4 Woot! What a version again! It seems to me that this is… Read More This is a basic video walkthrough of the beginning steps of the animation process of rigging and skinning a 3D model in Maya, then importing to Unity. Here is a link to the mannequin model used in the video. [00:28] – 1.) Identifying where joints will be placed.[00:52] – Start rigging a skeleton[01:23] –… Read More

Last December Miguel de Icaza blogged about a cool, cross platform, light weight 3D game engine that’s very C# and friendly… 3D Game Engine for Android, iOS, and .NET [Post Copied in Full] Building 3D experiences and games using a high-level framework that works across all of the major platforms is now as easy as… Read More