This week’s episode of Data Exposed welcomes Sandhya Vankamamidi, a Senior Program Manager in the Cortana Intelligence and IML group. Today Sandhya follows up on the Azure Data Catalog Data Discovery video with Matthew Roche earlier this month to talk about Business Glossary in Azure Data Catalog.
Sandhya first provides a background into the need for the glossary and the challenges businesses have when working with data sources and naming conventions across departments and organizations. To solve this, Sandhya provides insight into Business Glossary in Azure Data Catalog, which is the capability to define a taxonomy for your business for standardized naming conventions across terms. Sandhya reminds us of the primary object of the Data Catalog and then provides valuable insight into how Business Catalog provides a hierarchy of terms to make working with different datasets much easier.
At the 8:35 mark Sandhya jumps right into an awesome demo and spends the rest of the show getting us familiar with how Business Glossary works. She first walks us through the user experience, how to enable Business Glossary by moving to the paid sku, how to create and configure a Glossary, how the different users work with the Glossary, and how we can apply that Glossary to available Data Catalog data sources through the use of tags. Sandhya shows us how easy and fluid the user experience is and how easy it is to work with a glossary! Great stuff!

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