Today’s episode of Data Exposed Scott welcomes to the show Joshua Klahr, VP Product at AtScale. AtScale bridges the gap between business users and their data by making Business Intelligence on top of big data and Hadoop easy. The show begins with Josh providing the foundation of where AtScale came from, why they exist and the technology and features they provide for making BI work on Hadoop. Simply, AtScale exposes the data in a way that end users or BI users are familiar.

At the 3:15 mark Josh jumps right in to demo-mode and shows us how easy it is to create and configure an Azure HDInsight cluster with AtScale built in. Part of the HDInsight cluster this is provisioned is the AtScale server and the dashboard application. Josh spends the remainder of the show showing us the great features of the AtScale dashboard application which allows you to build a cube to define the data you want, then to easily access that cube via Excel.

Great technology and awesome demos by Josh! For more information about AtScale, visit the links below.

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