Azure SQL DB Index Advisor


In this episode of Data Exposed, Scott welcomes Vladimir Ivanovic, Senior Program Manager on the SQL Server team. Today, Vladimir introduces us to an exciting preview feature in Azure SQL DB called the Index Advisor which provides insight to developers and DBAs into how best to apply indexes and improve the overall performance of the Azure SQL database.

Vladimir begins by explaining how the Index Advisor works by gathering OLTP telemetry data from your database over a period of time and provides recommendations, if any, for indexes. Vladimir shows us how easy it is to sign up for the Index Advisor, then jumps right in to show how the Index Advisor works. He explains how index recommendations are produced and how easy it is to create recommended indexes with Index Advisor.

There are powerful features in the Index Advisor including showing the estimated impact to workload performance, space usage for the index, how long the index will take to create, and more importantly, the actual impact the index has had on DB performance (via a report if you do decide to create the index via the Index Advisor). This is powerful because you can now make an educated decision on whether or not to keep the index, or have Azure automatically roll any indexes back that have a negative performance impact. You can rest assured that your performance will only get better with Index Advisor.

Great demos by Vladimir in this episode and a great watch.


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