Azure SQL Database Layers of Protection


In this episode of Data Exposed I sit down with Joachim Hammer, Principle PM Manager in the SQL Server group over security. In this informal but highly fun and insightful episode, Joachim and I discuss a set of exciting, new security features in Azure SQL Database ranging from data protection to access control to activity monitoring. With the recent investments, the security team has made it much easier to implement a layered defense strategy for their database that is effective yet doesn’t compromise on usability. Watch Joachim and I share our thoughts about Transparent Data Encryption, Row-Level Security, Threat Detection, Always Encrypted, and more!

This is an exciting time at Microsoft and it shows in Joachim’s enthusiasm and energy as he talks about these fantastic features. What will follow over the next 24-48 hours is 5 new videos that talk about these features. Start with this video for a wonderful overview, then be sure to watch the sequels when they are published here on Data Exposed!


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