Azure SQL Database Elastic Scale


This week, Scott welcomes Torsten Grabs, a Principal Program Manager Lead on the SQL team focusing on elastic scale for Azure SQL Database. In this exciting and much-anticipated episode, Torsten introduces us to Azure SQL Database Elastic Scale; .NET client libraries and Azure cloud service packages providing the ability to easily develop, scale, and manage the stateful data tiers of your SQL Server applications. The goal with these libraries and services is to solve the challenges of elastic scale; growing and shrinking database capacity for applications running on Azure SQL DB.? Elastic Scale adopts sharding as the underlying concept to distribute data and processing across multiple scale units in Azure SQL DB – and gives you the libraries and tools for sharding so that you can focus on the business logic of your application. Torsten wraps up the episode by showing us an awesome demo on Elastic Scale and data dependent routing. There is plenty more to cover on this topic so stay tuned to this show for more exiting episodes on this topic!


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