Azure Search Enhancements


Back in the studio is a man who needs no introduction, but we’ll give him one anyway. 😉 Liam Cavanagh is back to talk about Azure Search and the new enhancements to the Azure portal and the new querying capabilities and utilities. Liam is awesome, as usual, dropping right in to demo mode, showing off the new Add Index and Import Data features in the portal, providing the capability to ingest data from common data stores including Azure SQL DB and Azure DocumentDB. Liam also shows off the ability to import data right into Azure Search.

From there Liam spends the remaining time on the show demo’ing the advanced querying capabilities in Azure Search. In today’s show, Liam breaks out a website that is available to all to showcase many of the great and exciting querying capabilities and features in Azure Search. Awesome stuff! This playground is available for everyone who wants to play around with the querying capabilities!

For more information on the query playground that Liam showed off plus links to the playground can be found here.


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