Azure Data Lake Explained


This episode of Data Exposed welcomes back Matt Winkler, Principal PM in the Big Data team, along with a newcomer to the show, Saveen Reddy, also a Principal PM on the Azure Data Lake team. Today, Matt and Saveen come in and provide some insight into the recent Azure Data Lake announcements. Matt begins by providing some background into the Big Data team here at Microsoft, then Saveen jumps in and with Matt help us understand the Azure Data Lake ecosystem, the tools that make Azure Data Lake, and the vision of the way to do big data. As Matt put is it, “Azure Data Lake didn’t change, we just described the rest of the vision”. Saveen sums it up quite nicely with the slogan “We make Big Data easy”. The 15 minutes Matt and Saveen spend in this video helping us understand the Azure Data Lake picture is priceless and definitely worth the watch as they discuss the services and technologies that make up the Azure Data Lake concept.


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