The International Organization for Migration (IOM) is a Switzerland-based governmental organization working in the field of migration. As a part of the organization’s IOM X campaign to encourage safe migration and stop exploitation, IOM’s immediate need was for a fundraising application to support victims of human trafficking. AvePoint, a Microsoft partner and global Independent Software Vendor (ISV), was moved by the organizations mission. As Dux Raymond Sy, AvePoint Public Sector CTO, explains, “After being rescued, the victims of human trafficking need a lot of help to get back on their feet, which means going back to school, or learning a trade.”

A brainstorming session led to the idea for a crowdfunding platform called AvePoint worked with Microsoft to assess the technical requirements of the project. A proof-of-concept was quickly built using Azure and CRM Online. CTO Dux Raymond Sy explains, “While we certainly could have boiled the ocean to build a mega-solution, we realized that there was an urgent need. With the Azure platform we were able to develop, deploy and iterate quickly.” is based on Microsoft Azure and Dynamics CRM, leverages social media to build a network of supporters. It not only raises money for a good cause, it increases awareness for the plight of these victims on a global scale. Sy says, “It was inspiring for us, being able to use Microsoft technology for the greater good of an organization like IOM.”

In the future, AvePoint has plans to upgrade the solution with advanced case management capabilities.

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