Remember when I blogged about Vitruvius, Vitruvius: Your Need for Kinect Dev Speed Solution (I’ll wait…)

Well Vangos Pterneas is back with an awesome example of how to use it to add Avateering to your next project.

Avateering (Kinect + Unity)


Avateering is the most exciting part of Kinect development and one of the most complex features to implement. Vitruvius encapsulates all of the hard work and avateering algorithms and exposes an easy-to-use API.

You only need a few rigid 3D models. Vitruvius comes with one male and one female model, which you can use for free in your personal or commercial applications. Also, Vitruvius includes numerous textures to choose from, so each model can appear with different clothing!

If you need a different model and have a 3D artist, just provide them with the rigid skeleton and let them create a new 3D model on top of it. If you need different models and do not have a 3D artist, give us a shot and we can create a 3D model tailored to your needs.

In this tutorial, I am going to show you how you can integrate Vitruvius within your Unity project and animate the bundled male and female 3D models. Vitruvius allows a single player control a single avatar or multiple avatars. The videos below demonstrate the difference:


Source Code

The source code, along with the required assemblies, is included in the following versions of Vitruvius:

Step 1: Create a new Unity project …

Step 2: Import the 3D models …

Step 3: Action! …

Bonus #1 – New 3D models

Vitruvius is bundled with nine 3D models you can use in your commercial projects. We are adding new 3D models all the time. Our models are perfectly rigged and work with Kinect just fine. Each model is coming in multiple textures. to modify a texture, simply open the Samples/Models/FBX folder and pick the 3D models and textures of your choice.

The following models are included:

  • Female Casual – a beautiful female model with various hair colors and clothes.
  • Male Casual – a male model with various clothes.
  • Female Athletic – a female model with sports clothing.
  • Male Athletic – a male model with sports clothing.
  • Kid – a 3D model of a kid.
  • Skeleton – a fantastic model of a human skeleton with bones and skull!
  • Longsleeve – a shirt with long sleeves and various colors.
  • Tshirt – a simple t-shirt model with various colors.
  • Pants – a pair of trousers with various styles (jeans, black, formal).

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