2018 Year In Review – Softaculous Auto Installer

Happy New Year from all of us at Softaculous !! As we enter 2019, we would like to highlight some ...
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Auto Install Scripts – Blesta Plugin

We are pleased to announce the release of Softaculous plugin for Blesta. This plugin along with the easy to use ...
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Repositery has just been launched !

After 4 months of hard work, the Repositery team is proud to announce the launch of our SaaS product.
Repositery ...
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WordPress 5.0 “Bebo” is now available via Softaculous

We have released WordPress 5.0 package. We have also added a new branch for WordPress 4.9.x so if you are ...
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Site Crashed ? Need a backup ? Use Softaculous Automated Backups!

What is an Automatic backup? Backup is a system that copies your data into an archive which can be used ...
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Prevent Breaking your live website with our Staging Feature

What is Staging? The staging environment is a copy of your production website where you can preview any changes or ...
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Episode 220: API Management Updates with Anton Babadjanov | Microsoft Azure Cloud Cover Show

[video src="https://ch9northcentralus.blob.core.windows.net/mfupload/cd018649bf32416ca6e5a6d50168dd5c/CloudCover220.mp4" /]
In this episode Chris Risner and Thiago Almeida are joined by Anton Babadjanov, Program Manager on the ...
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4 Simple SEO Steps for WordPress

Every search engine (like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) ranks websites by “crawling” them, which means that they look through all ...
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Media Capture Frames API and Kinect in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update

[video src="https://ch9northcentralus.blob.core.windows.net/mfupload/fa65ef2dbec24de5a521a5f6016d0041/20160426KinectUWPAlexTurner.mp4" /]
In this preview, Senior Program Manager Alex Turner demonstrates the new Media Capture Frames API that will ...
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Hypermedia APIs: The rest of REST by Chris Marinos

[video src="https://ch9northcentralus.blob.core.windows.net/mfupload/029dc18206444c29803ba5ae011b6e81/semjs201502hyp.mp4" /]
Let's face it, the term "REST" has become too popular for its own good. Like so many ...
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