Announcing the AWS Pop-up Loft in New York


We opened up the first AWS Pop-up Loft last year. By virtue of its location (Market Street in San Francisco) it is accessible to entrepreneurs, students, and others interested in learning more about AWS. Our customers have also used it for co-working and for meetings. Personally, I like to use the AWS Loft in San Francisco as my home-away-from-home when I travel.

I’m happy to be able to announce that we will be popping up a second loft, this one in New York City. We have created a unique space and assembled a full calendar of events, with some special help from our friends at Intel and Chef. We look forward to connecting with even more customers and expect that the AWS Pop-up Loft will be a great place to learn, collaborate, and share.

In the City
This loft is located at 350 West Broadway in New York’s SOHO neighborhood and will open its doors on Wednesday, June 24th with a 7 PM opening party that you are welcome to attend!

The Loft will be open Monday through Friday from 10 AM to 6 PM, with special events during the evening. During the day you will have access to the Ask an Architect Bar, daily AWS education sessions, Wi-fi, a co-working space, and snacks, all at no charge.

Ask an Architect
Step up to the Ask an Architect Bar with your code, architecture diagrams, and your AWS questions at the ready! You can book a session ahead of time or your can simply walk in.  You will have access to deep technical expertise and will be able to get guidance on AWS architecture, usage of specific AWS services and features, cost optimization, and more.

AWS Education Sessions
During the day, AWS Solution Architects, Product Managers, and Evangelists will be leading 60-minute educational sessions designed to help you to learn more about specific AWS services and use cases. You can attend these sessions to learn about Mobile & Gaming, Databases, Big Data, Compute & Networking, Architecture, Operations, Security, and more, all at no charge.

The Chef Perspective
Chef is an automation platform for configuring and deploying IT infrastructure and applications in the data center and the cloud. They will bring their DevOps perspective to New York through hosted sessions and training (see the calendar below for more information).

The Intel Perspective
AWS and Intel share a passion for innovation and a history of helping startups to succeed. Intel will bring their newest technologies to New York, with talks and training that focus on the Internet of Things and the latest Intel Xeon processors.

On the Calendar
Here are some of the events that we have scheduled for the first couple of months (the AWS and Chef Bootcamps run from 10 AM to 6 PM):

  • Thursday, June 25 – Chec Bootcamp (10 AM – 6 PM).
  • Thursday, June 25 – Oscar Health (6:30 PM).
  • Friday, June 26 – AWS Bootcamp (10 AM – 6 PM).
  • Monday, June 29 – Chartbeat (6:30 PM).
  • Tuesday, June 30 – Picking the Right Tool for the Job (HTML5 vs. Unity)  (Noon – 1 PM).
  • Tuesday, June 30 – So You Want to Build a Mobile Game? (1 PM – 4:30 PM).
  • Tuesday, June 30 – Buzzfeed (6:30 PM).
  • Monday, July 6 – AWS Bootcamp (10 AM – 6 PM).
  • Tuesday, July 7 – Dr. Werner Vogels (Amazon CTO) + Startup Founders (6:30 PM).
  • Tuesday, July 7 – AWS Bootcamp (10 AM – 6 PM).
  • Wednesday, July 8 – Sumo Logic Panel and Networking Event (6:30 PM).
  • Thursday, July 9- AWS Activate Social Event (7:00 PM – 10 PM).
  • Friday, July 10 – Getting Started with Amazon EMR (Noon – 1 PM).
  • Friday, July 10 – Amazon EMR Deep Dive (1 PM – 2 PM).
  • Friday, July 10 – How to Build ETL Workflows Using AWS Data Pipeline and EMR (2 – 3 PM).
  • Tuesday, July 14 – Chef Bootcamp (10 AM – 6 PM).
  • Wednesday, July 15 – Chef Bootcamp (10 AM – 6 PM).
  • Thursday, July 16 – Science Logic (11 AM – Noon).
  • Thursday, July 16 – Intel Lustre (4 PM – 5 PM).
  • Friday, July 17 – Chef Bootcamp (10 AM – 6 PM).
  • Wednesday, July 22 – Mashery (11 AM – 3 PM).
  • Thursday, July 23 – An Evening with Chef (6:30 PM).
  • Wednesday, July 29 – (6:30 PM).
  • Wednesday, August 5 – Startup Pitch Event and Summer Social (6:30 PM).
  • Tuesday, August 25 – Eliot Horowitz, CTO and Co-Founder of MongoDB (6:30 PM).

Stop in and Say Hello
Please feel free to stop in and say hello to my colleagues at the loft if you happen to find yourself in SOHO. Or, plan ahead and RSVP to attend an event!



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