Plus a 30 minute guide to building instant-loading offline-first webapps…
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FrontEnd Focus

formerly HTML5 Weekly

In just 30 minutes, Jake Archibald presents a practical guide to the technologies behind taking an online-only site and turning it into a fully network-resilient offline-first progressive webapp.

Zach Leatherman
An objective set of pros, cons and helpful tips spanning the various ways of loading Web fonts on your site.

Eugene Chiong
A Chrome DevTools extension that lets you simulate interactions with a site as a completely, partially or color-blind person, as well as run an accessibility audit. More insights here.

ForwardJS  Sponsored
Eight days of sessions and workshops on React, D3, Angular 2, Accessibility, Progressive Web Apps and Functional JS.


Heather Migliorisi
A code and example-dense look at how the rising popularity of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) could impact users of assistive technology, and what can be done to ensure a great experience.

Luke Pacholski
A quick online game/tutorial to help you learn CSS selectors (or at least refresh your knowledge).

Tommy Hodgins
A discussion of the history and uses of element queries and how this led to the creation of EQCSS, a plugin that supports element queries, Scoped CSS, and more.

Patrick Catanzariti
Patrick Catanzariti looks at how the Internet of Things may affect front-end web development in the future.

The level one draft for the CSS Grid Layout spec has been updated, outlining the differences between Flexbox and Grid: “Unlike Flexible Box Layout, which is single-axis–oriented, Grid Layout is optimized for 2-dimensional layouts”


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