A First Look at Azure SQL Data Warehouse


Today’s episode of Data Exposed welcomes to the studio Stuart Padley, Group Program Manager in SQL Engineering, and Miso Cilimdzic, Principal Software Engineering Manager to give us a first look at Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Microsoft’s fully-managed, scalable, data warehouse service. Stuart and Miso first dive into an overview of SQL Data Warehouse, it’s capabilities and great features as we discuss topics including scale and performance, the benefits of having MPP (Massively Parallel Processing) capabilities in the cloud, and the overall backbone of SQL DW.

Miso and Stuart then wow us by spending the majority of the show demoing 1) How to Create a SQL DW, 2) How to visualize data in a SQL DW with Power BI, 3) How to Connect to a SQL DW using Visual Studio, and 3) How to monitor SQL DW with the Azure Portal. The beauty of these demos is that it really showcases how easy it is to work with SQL DW because Stuart was able to demo all of this in less than 20 minutes using the online documentation. It is hard not to get excited watching Stuart, at roughly the 9:50 point in the video, open PowerBI right from the portal, connect to an existing SQL DW, and within minutes have a fully functional dashboard. AMAZING!

At roughly the 14:00 mark, Stuart and Miso show us SQL DW integration in Visual Studio, providing connecting directly into an existing SQL DW. Stuart shows us how easy it is to query Azure SQL DB and some of the available DMVs, and even better, shows us the EXPLAIN command which gives us full insight into the distributed query process in SQL DW. Awesome stuff!

Back in the portal, Stuart and Miso show off the Query Activity Window, the ability to Pause a DW, the ease of scaling a SQL DW, and auditing. Lastly, Miso and Stuart demonstrates one of the methods of loading data into SQL DW. In this example, Stuart uses the awesome Polybase functionality also now available in SQL Server 2016 to load data from a CSV file into his Azure SQL DW. For more information on Polybase, see our Data Exposed video here.

Fantastic video and introduction into Azure SQL DW! Lots more videos to come on this topic so stay tuned to Data Exposed!

For more information on SQL Data Warehouse visit: https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/sql-data-warehouse/


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