7 Ways Your Server is Lying To You


OK, not quite 7 on today’s show, but close enough! On today’s episode of Data Exposed, Scott welcomes the always awesome Tom LaRock. Tom is Head Geek (what an awesome title!) at Solarwinds, an infrastructure monitoring and alerting tools company where he focuses on the database aspect of all that goodness.

Today Tom talks about some of the ways our servers might be lying to us. He explains that many of the tools out there never help you understand the root cause of performance issues. This results in a Band-Aid approach to troubleshooting and performance tuning, the end result of this being that the problem is never truly solved.

Tom walks us through some of the key components and areas we need to look at and how to diagnose whether the server is providing accurate information or, lying to you.

This video, along with the video with Bob Ward from last August are a Must Watch!


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