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A look back at the most popular links of 2015
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Issue 221 — January 6, 2016

A special issue looking back at the best of 2015.

I hope you’ve had a great holiday season. As everyone is still warming up to 2016, we thought we’d look back at the most popular things we linked to in 2015. Enjoy! 🙂
– Peter Cooper, Editor

Remy Sharp
A ton of useful insights, tips, videos, and more, on debugging issues in Web apps, front end development, etc.

Louis Lazaris
A followup to a previously successful 12 Little-Known CSS Facts.

Mozilla Hacks
A good introduction to the ‘Fetch API’, an API that aims to fix many of the problems with XMLHttpRequest (the core Ajax technology).

Wijmo  Sponsored
Learn Angular 2 concepts and understand how to use JavaScript controls in your AngularJS application. Follow Wijmo’s progress as they migrate their Angular 1 directives to Angular 2 components. Download and run Wijmo’s Angular 2 Explorer.


Ashley Nolan
Analysis of 1044 survey responses on CSS preprocessors, task runners, libraries.

Sam Dutton
A look at how to write clean, concise HTML with the goal of having it load more quickly across a variety of devices.

Addy Osmani
You can use Material Design Lite to bring a Material Design look and feel to your sites. It doesn’t rely on any JS frameworks and is optimized for cross-device use.

Bobby Grace
An eight part CSS guide providing some structure for writing CSS.

Mozilla Hacks
Web Components were first introduced to the world at Google IO 2012 but are still considered on the cutting edge. Wilson Page of Mozilla looks at what Web Components are, why they’re useful, and why they’re still not everywhere.


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