Attention IT professionals: hear how to transform your IT operations through applying DevOps practices. Join Oguz Pastirmaci in his discussion with Chef Software Principal Engineer Steven Murawski and Microsoft Principal Program Manager Michael Greene, co-authors of The Release Pipeline Model whitepaper. You’ll hear insights on how to implement a fully automated solution where infrastructure is managed as code and all changes are automatically validated before reaching production. The results? Improved change management, quality and release frequency, reduced recovery time, better security, and more!

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  • [02:35] Applying DevOps practices to IT ops
  • [04:17] The Release Pipeline Model
  • [06:20] Benefiting from source control
  • [13:24] Using build service for all infrastructure changes
  • [19:35] Automating testing for end-to-end validation
  • [28:07] Script creation and validation
  • [31:50] Transforming IT ops
  • [35:28] Delivering change with confidence
  • [38:20] Streamlining update deployment
  • [41:10] Beginning the transformation
  • [44:10] Creating an audit and compliance trail
  • [46:00] Moving security earlier in the process
  • [51:43] Automating strategically
  • [54:20] Customizing your release process
  • [57:07] Resources

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