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HTML 5 Weekly

Issue 225 — February 3, 2016
Lyza Danger Gardner
An excellent, in-depth walkthrough of both what service workers are, and how to implement one of your own, from scratch.

Sam Dutton
The MediaRecorder API enables you to record audio and video from the Web. It’s available now in Firefox and in Chrome for Android and desktop.

The Ackernaut
A page that uses all but a handful of HTML5’s elements. Useful for testing and seeing differences between browser implementations.

Corgibytes  Sponsored
Let the super-polyglots at Corgibytes help. We code in any language, platform, and framework.


Rob Dodson
CSS variables (a.k.a. CSS custom properties) are landing in Chrome 49. They can be useful for reducing repetition in CSS, and for runtime effects like theme switching and even polyfilling future CSS features.

Maria Antonietta Perna
jCanvas is aimed at jQuery users and provides a jQuery-style approach to working with the HTML5 Canvas.

Rob Dodson
The new font-display descriptor for @font-face lets developers decide how their web fonts will render (or fallback) depending on how long it takes for them to load.

Alexander Buzin
A modern WebGL engine that includes physics and post effects.


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