Continuing our series on XAML Controls, Jerry Nixon welcomes Micah Lewis from the XAML team to discuss even more ways in which you can use XAML to create your Windows apps.

  • [1:15] Buttons! What’s the big difference here?
  • [6:30] How about the ProgressBar? Let’s talk about the big changes here.
  • [10:40] How about the Slider?
  • [13:20] When should a developer use the ToggleButton vs.. the Toggle Switch?
  • [17:15] How do you get the ToolTip to show up on a phone?
  • [19:00] Let’s talk about the MenuFlyout. What changes do we see here?
  • [28:02] What’s the difference between the AppBar and the CommandBar?
  • [37:15] What is SplitView and how can developers use it?

For more information on XAML Controls, watch this great MVA session! Click here

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