Azure Site Recovery provides a single, workload-aware disaster recovery solution for  heterogeneous IT environments.  Critical applications and workloads, whether running on Hyper-V or VMware virtual machines or physical servers can be replicated to and recovered in Azure. With ASR Recovery Plans, customers can create workload-aware recovery workflows for their applications and achieve orchestrated “single click”… Read More

I am happy to be able to announce that we have entered into a research agreement with the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to explore sustainable models for increasing the amount of open NOAA data that is made available via the cloud. The AWS Public Data Sets program hosts large collections of public… Read More

Today at the RSA Conference, Scott Charney, Corporate Vice President, Trustworthy Computing for Microsoft delivered a keynote focused on Enabling Greater Transparency and Control in the Cloud. Scott provides a summary of his keynote on the Official Microsoft Blog, where he announced some of the actions Microsoft is taking to provide our customers with more… Read More

IE10 and above added support for the ‘cut’ and ‘copy’ commands through the Document.execCommand() method. As of Chrome version 43, these commands are also supported in Chrome. Any text selected in the browser when one of these commands is executed will be cut or copied to the user’s clipboard. This lets you offer the user… Read More

HTML6, a Web Audio drum machine, the state of DevTools, a WebGL shaders book, and more.Read this e-mail on the Web HTML Weekly Issue 181 — March 25, 2015 HTML6 and APIs as Natural Friends Paul Bruce “As if HTML5 isn’t new enough to many web developers, people thinking ahead to HTML6 are including native… Read More

No April Fools. A look at Spartan. Background positioning in CSS. W3C’s new HTML5 course.Read this e-mail on the Web HTML Weekly Issue 182 — April 1, 2015 Don’t fear – we’re aiming to be an April Fool’s free zone. Let’s hope no-one tricked us! 😉 A Closer Look At Project Spartan, Microsoft’s IE Killer… Read More

WebRTC explained, WebGL from the ground up, visual TDD, IE debugging, and more.Read this e-mail on the Web HTML Weekly Issue 183 — April 8, 2015 Peering Through the WebRTC Fog with SocketPeer Mozilla Hacks WebRTC provides a powerful suite of realtime technologies to the browser but the terminology and complexity can make it intimidating.… Read More

The DevTools Timeline panel has always been the best first stop on the path to performance optimization. This centralized overview of your app’s activity helps you analyze where time is spent on loading, scripting, rendering, and painting. Recently, we’ve upgraded the Timeline with more instrumentation so that you can see a more in-depth view of… Read More

?We hear more and more about the big stars of YouTube, but what about the creators who haven’t quite reached superstar status? Well, if they’re looking to connect with advertisers, startup FameBit aims to help. Co-founder and CEO David Kierzkowski told me that most multi-channel networks — which help YouTube content creators build a business… Read More