[ad_1] #431 — March 11, 2020 Read on the Web Frontend Focus The Performance Benefits of Variable Fonts — This is a good look at the performance gains you can expect when using variable fonts, with a focus on font requests, file sizes and time to first render. If you’re just starting to explore using… Read More

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[ad_1] The Pagelayer team has released version 1.0.8.This version has many UI and UX improvements for the Pagelayer Editor. The following is a list of changes : [Premium-Feature] We have added the Scrolling Effects and Mouse Effects feature in Pagelayer. You can now set an animation to an element on mouse movement or on a… Read More

[ad_1] #423 — January 15, 2020 Read on the Web Frontend Focus Microsoft’s Chromium-Powered Browser Arrives — The new version of Microsoft Edge is now out of preview and available for download. Developer documentation for the updated browser can be found here. (So, what’s the nickname for this one then? Edgium? Credge? ?) Kyle Pflug… Read More

[ad_1] #422 — January 8, 2020 Read on the Web Frontend Focus ? Hey, it’s good to be back in your inbox with the very first Frontend Focus of the new year. After the holiday break, we’re back on our regular schedule, so you can expect this digest each and every Wednesday. As it’s the… Read More

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