#449 — July 15, 2020 Web Version Frontend Focus The Cicada Principle, Revisited with CSS Variables — The Cicada Principle is the idea that when creating repetitive patterns, backgrounds, etc. using prime numbers can increase the appearance of organic randomness. Lea shows how she used a modern approach to this idea to format her code examples… Read More

#448 — July 8, 2020 Web Version Frontend Focus New in Chrome: A ‘CSS Overview’ Tab — This new experimental feature in Chrome looks really neat. It provides an overview of the CSS on a site, detailing colors, fonts, media queries and unused declarations. Robin Rendle What’s New in CSS – July 2020 Edition — Rachel Andrew… Read More

#446 — June 24, 2020 Read on the Web Frontend Focus Safari 14 Beta Release Notes — Revealed at this week’s WWDC, Safari 14 will ship alongside iOS 14 & macOS 11 later this year. Here are the headlines: Adds support for WebP images and HDR video playback; Support for HTTP/3; Ditches Flash; Will support… Read More

#445 — June 17, 2020 Read on the Web Frontend Focus Bootstrap 5 Alpha Released — It’s early days but the first useful glimpse of Bootstrap 5 is here, including a new logo. Bootstrap continues to be a very popular CSS framework, not least because it keeps taking useful steps forward. v5 drops jQuery, starts… Read More

#444 — June 10, 2020 Read on the Web Frontend Focus Current browser support for ‘is()’ via caniuse.com CSS :is() and :where() Are Coming to Browsers — Šime Vidas explains how these new CSS pseudo-classes can be used (for reducing repetition, and keeping specificity low respectively). Web Platform News The Complete Guide to CSS Media Queries… Read More

#443 — June 3, 2020 Read on the Web ? It’s time to speak up, donate, or even just stream a fundraising video, because Black Lives Matter. Our thoughts are with everyone in the US and beyond fighting for these causes. Frontend Focus Image via: Increment A User’s Guide to CSS Variables — A long-requested but… Read More

#442 — May 27, 2020 Read on the Web Frontend Focus Responsive Web Design Turns Ten — Ten years ago the phrase ‘responsive web design’ was first coined. This guiding blog post, outlining the three ‘ingredients’ needed (fluid grids, flexible images, and media queries), soon followed. Here, Ethan takes a look back at just how… Read More

#441 — May 20, 2020 Read on the Web Frontend Focus A Drop-in Minimal CSS Framework Switcher — There are a lot of so called ‘minimal’ CSS systems out there, such as new.css and GitHub’s Primer but it can be hard to sort through them for something you’d like. Enter this ‘minimal CSS framework switcher’… Read More

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