Topic 3: You Don’t Know npm!
by Ashley Williams
@ag_dubs | gh: ashleygwilliams

bio:: Ashley Williams is the developer community and content manager at npm, Inc. In so many words, it’s her problem when you don’t understand how npm works. Previously a backend and services engineer at Mozilla, and a web engineer and educator at Bocoup, Ashley has a long history of designing, developing, and teaching systems and systems architecture. A former NYC Teaching fellow, she also has an extensive history in education. In her spare time, she enjoys jokes, continental philosophy, activism, and programming language design.

abstract:: npm is the package manager for JavaScript and has set the tone and implemented the tools for the modular JavaScript application architecture. This is no small feat: Everyday, nearly 2,500,000 npm installs occur. However, npm has more to offer than meets the eye.

This workshop will take you past the simple npm install, introducing you to a wide range of features that takes the workflow you know and love and makes it even easier to incorporate into your company and personal development practice. From team access management, to project lifecycle scripts, to safe and reliable deploy strategies, you’ll learn how to take npm and your software to the next level.


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