As our content authors and hosts prepare for the up coming conference season, they are still knocking out tons of great shows, episodes and posts. Here are just 30 of them from the past week…

Exploring the World of CybertronPC

What defines an ultimate gaming machine? Is it simply having the very latest features and tech installed? Or does it also comprise of having the ability to customize your gaming rig however you see fit? Does it also include having unrivaled world class customer support coupled with a free lifetime warranty? Maybe its all of the above and more? …

CodeChat 055 – Stealing Some Time with David Crook

This is a fun episode of CodeChat with a casual conversation with fellow technical evangelist David Crook from Florida. David has a ton of great content online on the topics of big data, machine learning, and IoT. He’s got his hand in some exciting projects, and it was really fun to steal a little bit of his time to discuss all of this.

TWC9: Stacking Microsoft, Windows 10 Pi, Bobble Head your Node.js and more…

This week on Channel 9, Nikola and Vlad discuss the week’s top developer news, including;

Steve Lasker on Docker Tools for Visual Studio

Steve Lasker was kind enough to stop by our studio to preview some of the awesome (new) tools for Docker that you can use directly in Visual Studio. Docker (and containerization for that matter) is increasingly becoming a very important technology for developing scalable applications. Additionally, having the ability to specify the exact environment an application needs is revolutionizing the way we deploy and service applications (re the rise of DevOps). The new Visual Studio Tools for Docker are excellent for getting started with this important technology. Steve does a great walk-through on what is available today and what we can expect in the future. Enjoy! …

Episode 200: Azure Resource Manager Tooling with Brian Moore

In this episode Chris Risner and Haishi Bai are joined by Brian Moore, Program Manager on the Azure Tools for Visual Studio team. The tooling in Visual Studio helps you define Azure Resource Manager templates which you can use to deploy resources in Azure. Using the tooling, developers have a very helpful design style interface for generating their templates as well as intellisense if you choose to edit the JSON directly. …

Azure Media Services – Protecting your Media Content with AES Encryption

This week on Azure Friday Scott talks to Mingfei Yang about how Azure Media Services can use AES Encryption to protect your media content. From AES-128 Clear Key, Microsoft PlayReady, and Google Widevine you can protect your content on any platform and it’s a lot easier than you’d think!

0. Introduction to MSA Schools Competition

Welcome to the Microsoft Student Accelerator program for High Schools! This video describes what the program is all about, what you will learn to build and what you need to do to win cool prizes! …

Learn Roslyn Now – E01 – Introduction to Roslyn Tooling

Introduction to Roslyn tooling …

Using Azure Machine Learning to Predict Who Will Survive the Titanic – Part 1

In this session, you will learn to use Azure Machine Learning to make predictions. The example used is predicting whether a passenger on the Titanic will survive, given information like their age, gender, class of ticket, ticket fare, etc. But these same principles can be used to predict if someone will make a purchase online or whether a patient will be readmitted to a hospital in the next 30 days.

In Part 1, Jennifer Marsman demonstrates how to upload a dataset into Azure Machine Learning Studio, explore the data and decide how to modify it, and use data cleaning modules to implement these changes. Then, join us for Part 2, in which we train a model with a machine learning algorithm, deploy our model, and call our published model to get results. …

Azure Security Center: Prevent, Detect and Respond to Threats with Increased Visibility and Control

Managing data and services requires us to keep security of company data top-of-mind at all times. A new set of powerful tools from Microsoft Azure known as the Azure Security Center can help organizations do just that for your cloud-based infrastructure.

Tune in as Kevin Remde, Yuri Diogenes and Tom Shinder walk us through the Azure Security Center from what it is, why you should use it and how to get started. ///

DevIntersection Spring 2016 CountDown Show #2 with Scott Guthrie

Richard Campbell chats with Executive Vice President Scott Guthrie about his plans for DevIntersection Spring, April 16-22 2016 at the Swan Hotel in Orlando, Florida. Scott talks about the on-going evolution of the public cloud and Microsoft’s efforts to make Azure the most effective platform for building your cloud applications. The span of technology available in Azure continues to expand rapidly and you can expect Scott to give you insight into the latest at his keynote at DevIntersection. Register today at www.devintersection.com

The Endpoint Zone: Over time with Mobile Application Management

In this special “over time” episode of The Endpoint Zone, Simon May talks to Dilip from the Intune product team about MAM without device enrollment. Find out more on Brad’s blog http://aka.ms/inthecloud

The Maker Show: Episode 3 – Arduino and Servos
Now that Brian Sherwin showed you how to blink an LED and David Crook discussed electronics, let’s turn to Servo Motors and Pulse Width Modulation!
In this episode of The Maker Show, DC Micro Servos will be discussed. These tiny controllers are inexpensive, cost less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks, and pack a powerful punch with 1.54 Kg-cm of torque, and weight in with a mass of 8.6 grams!
Halo, Minecraft, and More! How Microsoft Studios Processes Gaming Event Data

I like data and I like games. When I heard my friend Karan Gulati’s job included both of these things, I thought it was too good to be true. Obviously we have to get to the bottom of this… We’ll talk with him about his job at Microsoft Studios and learn about his most recent project creating a data pipeline for an undisclosed game 😉

The Ops Team #013 – “Missing Matt”

The Ops Team is a weekly show where 4 Technical Evangelists specializing in IT Operations get together to give you the deets on their 4 areas of expertise: Microsoft Azure/Cloud, On-premises datacenter technologies, Enterprise Mobility / Windows and DevOps.

This week on The Ops Team, we’re missing MATT!!! How is it he’s on vacation – who authorized this departure? The remaining guys cobble together a show with Rick pulling double duty (can we say hybrid?) on Azure / Azure Stack topics. …

Why use TypeScript instead of just using JavaScript?

TLDR: Type safety, productivity, intellisense, and debugging.

In continuing with my recent trend of using TypeScript, I wanted to illustrate how to create functions and variables in TypeScript, because this initially threw me into a loop. You can find a more in-depth version of this post, with samples at my blog.

Office Dev Show – Episode 23 – Getting Started with a Ruby App

In this episode of the Office Dev Show, Richard diZerega guides us through how to get started building a Ruby App that calls the Microsoft Graph APIs….

Game Dev Show 02 – What Does a Universal Application Platform Mean for Game Devs?

Hi everyone – I’m Amanda Lange. Welcome to Episode 2 of the Game Dev Show!

Last week Remedy announced that Quantum Break, originally announced as an Xbox One Exclusive, will be coming to Windows 10 as well. It inspired me to do a quick look at the Universal Application Platform so that I can explain what this means for developers, and why Windows 10 and Xbox One work together. …

Make Your Toys Come Alive with Johnny-Five! by John Chapman

Skynet is coming! Will you do your part as the machines become self aware?

In this session we will learn how to build robots and then bring them to life with the power of Johnny-Five! You already know JavaScript, now learn how to leverage it for world domination. We will leverage the Arduino hardware prototyping platform to build simple robotic circuits and then bring it to life using Johnny-Five, the open source JavaScript robotics framework. We will learn how to build and control robots using Servo Motors, DC Motors, Motor Controllers, LEDs, distance sensors and more! No hardware experience is assumed. We will cover the process from front to back.

Mock5 – JavaScript Mocking – Unit Testing by Josh Springer

Josh Springer demonstrates how to use Mock5 mocking framework to help unit test your JavaScript code.

Free Webinar! Learn how Microsoft IT uses System Center Configuration Manager 2012 for client patch management

During this course, Ashok Gopala Krishnan, Service Manager, will explain how we use Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager for patch management of PCs, including the patching process, the user experience, and best practices. Attendees will have opportunities for questions throughout the presentation. …

Monthly Meetup January 2016 – Topic 1: Observables Everywhere by Jeremy Foster

Many developers have yet to look into FRP (functional reactive programming) in general or observable pattern implementations like ReactiveX (reactivex.io) specifically, and they haven’t seen the power and elegance it can offer to your architecture.

The pervasive inclusion of ReactiveX by popular media streaming company Netflix as well as Angular 2.0’s inclusion of the library as a core dependency have helped to get ReactivX on developers’ minds, however….

TechRewards Gives You a Last Chance to Attend Build 2016 in Person!

To learn more about TechRewards, watch out introductory video here.

Build has already sold out! TechRewards is giving you the chance to attend the Build 2016 conference by doing what we do best: giving you challenges to complete and rewards to redeem!

There are 4 ways you can win tickets to Build through TechRewards: …

@MSFTReactor Weekly – Guest: Nate Rose – February 16th 2016

This week on the Reactor weekly we visit with Nate Rose and learn about Azure Service Fabric. …

Gulp Web Standards Plugin

In this week’s episode Martin and Martin take a look at the Gulp-webstandards plugin built by Rami Sayer and team from Microsoft Canada. The plugin allows you to run your static content, such as HTML and CSS files, through a series of tests to ensure compliance with web standards and best practices. …

Demo of the Day: A Custom Visual Studio Editor in Every Pot

This is the premier episode of Demo of the Day. Jerry Nixon (@jerrynixon), author of Template 10 (http://aka.ms/template10), Developer’s Guide to Windows 10, XAML for Windows 10 and dozens of Microsoft Virtual Academy courses on Universal apps and XAML techniques, Skypes with Brian Lagunas (@brianlagunas), XAML product manager for Infragistics and author/maintainer/gardener of (previously Patterns and Practices) Prism for WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) (github.com/PrismLibrary), including Prism.Core/PubSubEvents/and MVVM – all now open source and in NuGet and GitHub. …

The Endpoint Zone: Overtime 1

In this spin-off from The Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson, Brad and Simon explore a new blog series on Brad’s blog, Controlling the Uncontrollable, in which Brad helps you deploy protected email for your organization. You can find the series on Brad’s Blog.

Welcome to DevIntersection Spring 2016 CountDown Show #1!

Join Richard Campbell and Seth Juarez as they introduce you to the countdown series for DevIntersection Spring, April 16-22 2016 at the Swan Hotel in Orlando, Florida. This overview of the show discusses the variety of content at DevIntersection, including ASP.NET, Visual Studio and Azure, along with the co-located shows of AngleBrackets (exploring the Open Web), SharePointIntersection and SQLIntersection. Register today at www.devintersection.com !

Data Audit History

Jumping on the database wagon with Jef King….

Episode 7 – Custom Tag Helpers

Back in Episode 4 we looked at tag helpers in the Razor View Engine that make some of the lifting we need to do a little lighter when crafting our views. In this edition of the Monsters Weekly we’ll go a little further and create a custom tag helper.

Dave walks us through targeting specific tags, elements containing certain attributes or other factors and demonstrates the c# code needed to light up Visual Studio 2015 with intellisense on your own tag helpers in ASP.NET Core.


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