*as of this video’s release date =P

Join us (including our new libs PM, Eric Mittelette) as we get an in-depth look at what cool new C++17 features are available for you in yet another round of STL updates! [pun intended]

[00:25] Interviewees’ Intro
[01:28] Major Milestone!
[02:15] The * next to the word “is”

STL breakdown (“in order of increasing complexity”)
[03:19] as_const()
[04:31] std:: helper functions
[06:22] expression SFINAE in std::result_of and std::function
[08:47] What is Substitution Failure Is Not An Error? [oh…I guess I answered that]
[08:56] Improving overload detection for std::pair and std::tuple
[12:09] Variable templates for type traits
[16:05] “Type traits for type traits” a.k.a. ? …what’s your f(n)? ?
[16:57] How VS2015 Update 2 uses conjunction as an optimization
[21:55] Performance gains using conjunction
[22:37] …and we’re passing the savings along to youuuuu!
[23:21] std:: improvements (and some context)

[26:05] Great stuff! How can I try these out for myself? hint: check the links below 😉

Useful links:
Download Visual Studio 2015 Update 2 CTP!
Don’t want to wait to download and install? Try out our new web compiler, and/or read this blog post to learn how to obtain the NuGet package!
Here’s a link to STL’s blog post on this video’s contents (and more)!


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