In this episode of Defrag Tools, Chad Beeder and Jorge Novillo continue a series on Media eXperience Analyzer (MXA). We examine a video glitch scenario, and show how to use MXA to determine what caused the problem.

Media eXperience Analyzer (formerly WindowsXRay) is a tool used to visualize ETW traces, with a particular emphasis on media scenarios such as audio/video capture and playback.

[00:00] Introductions and overview
[01:10] For an introduction to MXA, and explanation of how to capture a trace, refer to Defrag Tools Episode #149.
[01:20] Loading the trace into MXA
[02:28] Step 1: Look at the Video Glitches and Video Glitches Severity datasets to see where the glitches happened and how bad they were.
[05:00] Step 2: Zoom in on a glitch and look at the DX VSync ISR/DPC Cadence dataset
[05:52] Handy MXA tip: Press the ` key (grave accent) to automatically rescale the Y-axis of the graph.
[08:34] Trace shows the graphics driver skipped a VSync – next step is to follow up with the graphics driver vendor
[10:25] Email us at [email protected]


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