This session discusses the benefits and demonstrates Continuous Deployment and Release Management. Continuous Deployment usually comes after Continuous Integration (CI), and it’s the ability to use the output from CI and deploy this new known good build to an environment automatically. We also cover Release Management, which is the way to mature Continuous Deployment from just one environment to the rest of the environments in your pipeline.

[01:50] Introduction to Continuous Deployment
[02:40] Introduction to Release Management
[05:17] Demo – VSTS Release management, stages, and approvals
[09:19] Demo – Status view of a VSTS release and its related build
[14:20] Demo – Explaining VSTS Release Management ‘environments’
[16:00] Demo – Editing a VSTS Release Management definition and tasks
[18:43] Demo – Handling scale and configuration differences between environments using variables
[24:20] Demo – VSTS Build and Release Management agents and capabilities
[27:13] Demo – VSTS Artifacts – linking to output of builds
[28:36] Demo – Triggers
[30:16] Demo – Release history and live logging of a release
[33:25] Demo – Checking out the environments built on Azure by the demo
[43:20] Resources



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