I just realized today is the last business day of the month and that I didn’t do our usual monthly Round-Up post. Doh!

So I guess today you’re getting two Coding4Fun posts! 🙂

Coding4Fun Blog

Coding4Fun Projects are Back!
Adding a modern spark to your WPF apps, with WPFSpark
Lots o’ Lego Mindstorms…
One code snippet at a time [and more] with the Code Snippet Studio
Get a modern mixer with EarTrumpet
Your First Band 2 App, via a new Web Tile
JavaScript Snips and Open Bin
Opening XAML Behaviors
UWP Sound Cloud App on Desktop, Phone & Raspberry Pi 2
Magically format your XAML with XAML Magic
Be a 3D Hero with UrhoSharp
How high are you? With the Microsoft Band 2…

Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery

Bowling with the Kinect
Oculus DK2 + Kinect + Leap Motion + Teddy = Awesome
Motion Capture with Kinect-v2 Mocap Animator
Kinect with Visual Studio 2015 and Windows 10

Past Round-Ups

Coding4Fun 2014 Round-Up
Coding4Fun 2015 Round-Up


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