Something of a quite month, well except for the big news on Wednesday of course…

Come on! You know! The Microsoft News Sphere exploded on Wednesday! Fine… this!

I can’t WAIT for the awesome stuff we’re going to be able to highlight here after Build. 🙂

Coding4Fun Blog

Tips on Creating Templates, a new UWP Template and a Prism Pack too!
“Debugging Unity 3D with VSCode”
Band 2 Design Template and Wind Alert App
Help Creating High-DPI Friendly VS Extensions
“Beginner’s Guide to Designing Video Game Levels”
FEZ HAT, UWP and Azure IoT
Stop the Solution Explorer’s Expansion Madness
Building your next Windows/Xbox game with Lumberyard
Beer IoT (need I say more?)
Game Templates, Construct 2
File – New – MonoGame
GameMaker your Pi!

Coding4Fun Kinect Gallery

Kinect v2 Finger Tracking
“Kinecting With Orangutans”
May the Kinect be with you…
Avateering with the Kinect
“Gaming for the greater good”

Past Round-Ups

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