Matt, from the Patterns and Practices group, spent some time discussing some interesting considerations we should all have when moving our applications to the cloud. He was very thorough! He did a great job in filling in those important architectural gaps that are essential for creating powerful and resilient applications in the cloud. Here is a great breakdown of the things he discussed:

  1. Decomposition
    • Logical
    • Physical
  2. Partitioning
    • Size/Perf Limits
    • Vertical vs Horizontal
    • Multi Tenant
    • Azure SQL Elastic DB
  3. Density
    • Idleness
    • Async
    • Bulk Operations
  4. Performance
    • Monitoring
    • Tuning
    • Bottlenecks
  5. Development Patterns
    • CQRS
    • Cache/CDN

To learn more, Matt also provided some really helpful links:


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